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If you have the desire to quit smoking, hypnotherapy can transform you into a non-smoker. You do not need to suffer withdrawal symptoms, cravings and perhaps most importantly, you will not need to use willpower.

If you are a smoker, you know the health risks and the benefits of quitting. I
am not going to bombard you with facts and figures. .

Hypnotherapy removes the craving in the mind helping you to stop smoking. By accessing your self conscious through Hypnosis, suggestions can be made to alter your feelings towards cigarettes.You will never need to think ‘I really want a cigarette but
know I shouldn’t have one’. You will have greater self-awareness along with a
healthier self-image, not to mention a terrific sense of personal achievement
and gain.

Normal methods require you to gradually reduce your intake, to stick patches on your
arm each morning or even worse, take unnecessary prescribed drugs. On top of
all that, you also need to have bucket loads of willpower because none of these
approaches address your emotional cravings and habits. They simply attempt to
remove the physical craving. The desire to smoke will not be removed from your
mind. Who wants to spend their lives trying to NOT have something they want?

Through Hypnosis you will enjoy being a confident non-smoker. Smoking will
become a thing of the past as you forget all about it.

What do my clients have to say?…

“I attended a smoking cessation session with you almost 18 months ago which I am delighted to say has been a complete success.  I had tried to stop smoking unsucessfully many times and turned to hypnotherapy out of desperation as I was convinced it would not work.   Since then I have recommended you to several friends.  I know a couple have seen you and have also been successful so many many thanks” John, Carshalton

“I can’t thank you enough for turning me into a non smoker. I havnt had an urge for a cigarette since my appointment with you. In fact whats strangest of all is i know what a cigarette is but i cant remember what they taste like!! I can already breathe better; I no longer burn money; My clothes dont stink; I can taste my food….wow!! Best of all my kids are proud of me! Thank you for setting me free. I cant recommend your services highly enough!” Gary – Carshalton


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