Here are just a few comments received from my clients:

“I attended a smoking cessation session with you almost 18 months ago which I am delighted to say has been a complete success.  I had tried to stop smoking unsucessfully many times and turned to hypnotherapy out of desperation as I was convinced it would not work.   Since then I have recommended you to several friends.  I know a couple have seen you and have also been successful so many many thanks” John, Carshalton

Morning!! Just to let you know I drove to work this morning in my car, with my mum (but she can’t drive manual)!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of myself and a HUGE thank you to you!! So last session next week. Thank you a million times over :)” Sasha, Broadstairs

“I had a session with Clair and was amazed at the results. I was a little sceptical at first but was instantly put at ease in the comfort of her therapy room and had a fantastic experience. I have slept for the first time in weeks, feel like my head has had a good scrub and finally happy to feel positive again!” Lynsey, Broadstairs

“I had been feeling very vulnerable and lost my confidence after a lot of personal events and needed a boost, I saw Clair’s advertisement and decided to take action.

Although I was rather nervous and hadn’t really looked into  hypnotherapy, I realised very quickly that Clair was someone who I could trust and made me feel very secure.

It only took a couple of sessions to help me with what I needed and each day since I have seen results and feel so good I use my mantra every day. I would highly recommend Clair Anthony” Fiona – London

“I can’t thank you enough for turning me into a non smoker. I haven’t had an urge for a cigarette since my appointment with you. In fact whats strangest of all is i know what a cigarette is but i cant remember what they taste like!! I can already breathe better; I no longer burn money; My clothes dont stink; I can taste my food….wow!!

Best of all my kids are proud of me! Thank you for setting me free. I cant recommend your services highly enough!”Gary, Carshalton

“I am pleased to say that hypnodieting is still working and my weight is still reducing, I have also had a bonus in the trip to the dentist which I always dread. It went really well as I used the relaxation technique and was completely calm throughout the treatment. I definatly recommend this to anyone who wants to lose weight and keep it off!” L Bryan, Carshalton

“Thank you Clair for pointing me in the direction of KMC Brighton. I had an extraordinary time – mostly positive (but not wholly). I have continued with the meditations and am intending to participate further at their Wimbledon centre. I have also got hold of ‘The Power of Now’ – and am still waiting to commence another course of CBT. Thanks again – you certainly had a very good effect on me.” Robert, Ramsgate

“I have struggled for at least 20 years with emotional eating, it didn’t matter how many times I told myself the simple solution to losing weight was to eat healthy and exercise more!  I have tried every diet possible and was becoming distressed and annoyed with myself for not being able to break the vicious circle I was in!  I started to research hypnodieting on the internet and read many success stories and decided to take the plunge! And it was honestly the best thing I could have ever done.  Clair has completely changed my mind-set and whatever excuses I made to eat excessive unhealthy food are a distant memory.  It has been 8 weeks now since my first session and I have lost 17lb, which is the easiest I have ever found losing weight.  The roads Clair took me down during the course really did open my mind and changed my thinking with the relationship I had with food.  I have honestly never felt hungry or restricted and now feel in control and a far happier and confident person equipped with the tools to continue with a healthier and more active lifestyle which naturally results in steady weight loss!

 Clair made me feel instantly relaxed with her friendly and welcoming approach and it was clear from the onset that she was dedicated to help me achieve my goals, I cannot recommend and thank her enough!” Julie, Broadstairs

“I’ve had very good results since my hypnodieting sessions with you. I initially lost 2 stone very quickly by just changing my way of eating as laid out in the hypnotherapy sessions. My weight then levelled off and stabilised.

I needed to lose more weight and 2 of the BB’s persuaded me to go to Slimming World with them in mid July. I went along (very pessimistic) as SW has never worked for me before.
Anyway, I started it using the 3 hourly eating regime and other strategies from the hypnotherapy. I actually only needed to make a few dietary tweaks and within 2 months I lost another one and a half stones.
Very pleased but it would not have happened without your help. I still have loads of weight to lose but feel very positive about losing it.”Anne, Broadstairs

“I saw Clair for a course of hypnotherapy.  Clair made me feel at ease straight away, she was so nice and understanding. I would not hesitate to recommend Clair to anyone. I found out Clair can help with numerous problems and I can say first hand that she helped me massively, thank you Clair. ” Rachael, Broadstairs

“Dear Clair, Thank you for seeing me earlier on in the summer. I haven’t had a drink in over 6 weeks. Weird-but true! Feeling very positive!” Ross, London

Provided by Hypnotic World

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