Hypnodieting is the non-diet diet program that  shows you how to control your attitude to food and how to gain complete control over how you look and how you feel. With the Hypnodieting Programme, you will find that you can lose weight naturally and understand how to keep it off permanently.

Whether you’ve tried “everything” before and been unable to keep weight off, or if
this is the very first time that you have decided to lose weight; you’ll
discover that the Hypnodieting Programme is very different from the
“usual” weight-loss methods.

With Hypnodieting we look closely at the existing relationship that you have with
food and then address the issues that may have previously prevented you from
losing weight and keeping it off.

And there are many other benefits too! Following the Hypnodieting Programme helps you become more pro-active and motivated; leading to a gradual change in lifestyle
that will result in permanent weight-loss and a much greater feeling of
self-esteem and purpose.

NEW – Power Plate available for use throughout the Hypnodieting programme to aid weight loss and toning.

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“I am pleased to say that hypnodieting is still working and my weight is still
reducing, I have also had a bonus in the trip to the dentist which I always
dread. It went really well as I used the relaxation technique and was
completely calm throughout the treatment. I definately recommend this to anyone who wants to lose weight and keep it off!”
 L Bryan

“I’ve had very good results since my hypnodieting sessions with you.
I initially lost 2 stone very quickly by just changing my way of eating as laid out in the hypnotherapy sessions. My weight then levelled off and stabilised.
I needed to lose more weight and 2 of the BB’s persuaded me to go to Slimming World with them in mid July. I went along (very pessimistic) as SW has never worked for me before. 
Anyway, I started it using the 3 hourly eating regime and other strategies from the hypnotherapy. I actually only needed to make a few dietary tweaks and within 2 months I lost another one and a half stones.
Very pleased but it would not have happened without your help. I still have loads of weight to lose but feel very positive about losing it.”

Anne, Broadstairs


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