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Treat Your Mond Counselling & Hypnotherapy


Accepting help to manage powerful overwhelming emotions and feelings can feel shameful for some, especially those who have never embarked on any type of therapy before. When client’s commit to the process of therapy it can feel like a huge relief to feel supported in finding a new way forward.

I review sessions along the way to ensure clients are finding the work beneficial and will guide them as to which therapies I think will suit them best. I also offer reviews for parents to come along and give feedback on how they feel their child is progressing and work with them in ways to support them outside of therapy.

No matter what your gender identity, sexuality or ethnicity, I offer a non-judgemental environment whereby you can explore your feelings confidentially. My therapy room is a calm and comfortable environment which will help you achieve a positive change in your life.

Relaxing Counselling Room
Relaxing Counselling room

At Treat Your Mind,  my aim is to offer a respectful environment whereby you can explore your feelings, learn new coping strategies or work through past trauma. I offer a unique approach using a tailored programme for each client, whether that is a psychotherapeutic method such as Counselling or Cognitive Behavioural therapy; or Hypnotherapy; or EMDR. 

As a parent, managing your children's mental health can cause you to feel out of your depth. At Treat Your Mind therapy I offer a safe and secure environment to allow your child to explore their emotions using counselling techniques, play and art therapy as well as CBT. I also have therapy animals who may join us!

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